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How a Pet Friendly Alcohol Rehab Helps

The number of pet friendly alcohol rehab has grown over the years. Some drug and alcohol rehab centers allow patients to bring their pets, but require that the pet is housebroken. Residents should also take care of their pet and stay in one of the center’s private rooms with their pet. They have to do a waiver stating that they will take responsibility for any injury to their animal or damage to the property.

Psychological Benefits

Recovering addicts have formed deep connections with their pets and see them as a family. Bringing their pet to rehab can have a positive effect on their attitude about their situation. It can help them feel relaxed completely. Taking care of a pet can strengthen recovery and improve self-esteem as the addict is responsible for another life. It moves their focus to something positive, which will make them feel a sense of accomplishment and joy. Recovery is also about replacing old behaviors with positive ones. Taking care of a pet distracts them from the obsessions and cravings of early recovery.

Physical Benefits

Having a pet around has physical benefits as well. It can break the patient out of sedentary patterns. Walking their pet in the morning can energize them and improve the production of endorphins. Interacting with pets can help increase overall movement and reduce heart rates as well as blood pressure. Touching animals can increase the levels of oxytocin, the hormones that make you feel happier.

Social Benefits

Bringing a pet to rehab also has social benefits. Addicts in the early stage of recovery can be withdrawn. They may have difficulty connecting with or trusting others. Bringing a pet can help improve social interaction between humans. It can be a good conversation starter. The presence of a pet can also help people with addiction and co-occurring like anxiety-related disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder. It can reduce feelings of anxiety and fear.

How Rehab Centers Incorporate Pets

A pet friendly alcohol rehab incorporates pets in various ways. Some treatment centers have a separate on-site residence for pets and staff to take care of them. You can stay with your pet and look after them. Other rehabs schedule pet-friendly activities like playtime, visits to pet friendly beaches or parks, and daily walks.

In some rehabs, pets are allowed to visit for the day. This is an option for patients whose pets are staying with their loved ones or at a nearby pet resort. Some people want to bring their pets with them because they don’t have anyone who can take their pets in. Try to ask your friends or family members if they’d be willing to take care of your pet. If you can’t bring your pet to rehab, you can still experience that connection by playing with someone else’s pet or visiting a park.

You want to get your life back on track. Going to a pet friendly alcohol rehab will make it easier to benefit from the support and love of your pet. Your furry friend will help get you through this challenging, but rewarding journey.

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