Feeding guideline for your Pug

A dog’s health will be affected by whatever he or she eats, so both meals and snacks should be planned carefully. Like many other dog breeds, Pugs love to eat, and they can enjoy a wide variety of flavors due to the breed’s tendency to put on weight and sensitivity to certain chemicals.

What food do Pugs eat?

Pugs consume proteins, good fats, and carbs like other dogs. For a pug’s nutritional needs, high-quality commercial dog meals that promise full nutrition should be sufficient. Mostly dry dog food will be preferable over canned dog food when it comes to the Pug. Wet dog food can lead to messy stools, while dry kibble is much better for the teeth. You may add canned food to a Pug’s dry food when it’s missing teeth or otherwise unable to digest it properly.

There are a variety of ways to properly feed your Pug. However, keep in mind that your dog is a carnivore. When feeding your dog, be sure to include some vegetables, but do not deprive them of the meat they require for a healthy digestive system. It is recommended that a pug be fed metered meals at specific intervals throughout the day. Pugs should not be allowed for free feedings.

Feed your Pug properly:

Make sure your Pug’s meals are well-planned because your pet is prone to gaining weight and are sensitive to specific ingredients, making it imperative that they develop a good eating routine early on. Look for foods that contain the following:

  • Avoid items that contain MSG and opt for natural flavors instead.
  • Gluten-free grains and healthy supplements like Glucosamine, chondroitin, omega 3 and 6, probiotics, antioxidants are recommended.
  • Use vitamin-based natural preservatives on your Pug’s food as an alternative to artificial additives.
  • Avoid artificial preservatives, flavorings, and colorings. Never use commercial dog food containing soy and soy products, high grain count, corn, and animal byproducts.


It is important to note that pugs, like other dogs, can acquire lactose intolerance, so avoid giving them cow milk. A third of the recommended serving size on the bag of kibble should be offered to pugs three times a day. The Pug’s vet should be consulted if the Pug is on a raw diet or any homemade diet. can guide you more about a variety of foods Pugs eat.

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