Here’s How to Make Your Walkies Even Better

There’s a reason why your dog gets so excited every time you get out of their leash and harness for a walk — going on a walk is one of the best ways to bond with your dog while exploring the great outdoors. But if your dog is not trained properly, you both are unable to communicate effectively and the walk will not be successful. It’s best to think of a walk as both a training exercise for you and your dog, so follow these tips to make your walkies even better, every time!

Get the right accessories.

Not all harnesses and leashes are created equal. There are different harnesses created with the needs of the dog in mind, with a dog harness no pull latching in the front of the chest to ensure that if the dog pulls, the harness will cause them to turn around so they can’t go too fast. On the other side, a traditional harness clips on the dog’s back, which allows for casual walking if your dog is not a puller and walks calmly. To decide what harness works best for your pup, take careful note of your dog when you’re out and about. Do they constantly pull, stop to pee, and sniff every bush available? If so, a no-pull dog harness may be your best best. Or, if your dog gets excited but generally walks at a normal pace, try a traditional harness option.

Leashes, on the other hand, can be great tools to help you control your dog. There are various lengths you can choose from. For example, a short, three-foot-long leash is perfect for puppies or rescues who have never walked on a controlled leash before. Once you are able to control the pup, consider graduating to a leash that is about five or six feet long — some kind of leash that’s long enough for them to explore and sniff to their heart’s content, but for you to still rein in in case you need your dog close.

Remember that a harness and leash can work in tandem, so do your research into both harness and leash at the same time to find the option that’s best for your pooch.

Let your dog sniff and watch their surroundings.

While excessive sniffing can be annoying for the owner, it is actually quite important for your pooch to sniff during their walk for mental stimulation. This idea also goes for letting them watch traffic go by, your neighbors walk around, and other dogs play in their yard. We know how boring it can be when we stay in the house all day, and this is the same for dogs! So get out and explore, and let your pup take their time.

Come prepared for everything.

While you can try and train your dog to relieve themselves only when they are in their backyard, sometimes accidents happen and you need to be prepared. Never leave for a walk without a doggie bag to pick up after the dogs, and if that idea makes you squeamish, you can invest in the professionals to get the job done for you! You can have them come on your walk path, or in your backyard, so they can do the dirty work for you. All you have to do is Google search something along the lines of “ pet waste removal north aurora illinois ” to find a professional near you.

Know when to reward your pup.

You have to walk a fine line between giving your pooch praise and giving them too many treats. You don’t want your dog to become complacent, so choose when and where to reward your pup for a walk well done. This can be after they listened to you on the walk, walked past another dog calmly, or didn’t pull on their harness. You can even leave all treats until the end of the walk. Just be consistent with when and where you give rewards and soon your dog will be calm and obedient.

With these tips in mind, your walkies with your pup will become the best part of your day! So get them strapped into their harness and head out for an adventure with your dog!


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