Birds are great pets and welcome visitors from your garden. Any kind of bird needs special care like any other pet, and it’s important that you do not forget that.

If you are thinking of having one, the necessary care includes good housing, good food and attention to the health of the bird. Many bird diseases are caused by lack of cleanliness in feeders and drinkers, for example. Look at and learn how to select important bird care accessories to shop.


The proper cage will depend on the kind of bird, so know beforehand which species you have or will choose to buy the best product.

The cage size should be enough for bird to spread its wings across its wingspan. For some species, being able to move small distance in the cage can be important to ensure a healthy environment. So the bigger the size is better.

Although larger cages are more costly and difficult to clean, if you do not stay so much at home and / or do not have the time to take out the bird, more space is essential. Small cages usually lead to behavioral problems.


Before determining what your bird will eat, know which seeds and rations are special for the species. Swap the beans daily and remove the leftover food from the cage to keep from rotting.

Give the same fresh, healthy vegetables and fruits you eat. The food is greener and the diet is more varied. A mix or variety of food is great for your pet’s health.

Feeders should be cleaned regularly as they may accumulate dust and mold due to the remaining feed and seeds. In the case of fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables, they should be washed as soon as the food is withdrawn.

There are a few foods that are not suited for many bird species such as no alcohol, chocolate, avocado, condiments and seasonings. They all have chemical substances toxic to birds.


Birds don’t need to be cleaned as much as other types of animals. Place a bath tub 2 to 3 times a week, big enough for the size of the bird. Remove the bathtub soon afterwards so as not to risk the bird drinking from the dirty water. For females in breeding season the bathtub should be placed every day so that the eggs can moisten.

These animals like to bathe to cool in warmer climates, so offer water to them at such times. Also, possibly give a sibling bone to your bird to smear its beak and sharpen it.

The cage should also be cleaned to decrease the chances of your bird developing bacterial, viral or fungal infections. Change liner regularly, wipe feces that fall into toys or perches, and remove un-eaten food that accumulates on the floor of the cage.

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