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Ways to Save on Your pet Costs

If you’re the human parent of a pet, you know how fast the costs can add up. Vaccines, checkups, pest control, and clipped nails can be added to food, treats, and toys, and before you know it it can seem like you’re going broke just trying to keep Rover healthy and happy. Lucky for you, there are ways to save on the cost of your pets, and they’ll be just as happy as when you were paying top dollar to please them!

Shop around. If your pet is in good health there’s no reason to go to the nearest vet, as he’ll probably only examine your dog once a year. Shop around for the lowest price for vaccines and tests and you can save a bundle.

Buy online. Look for necessities such as pest control online, where you can find deep savings. Before you buy do another quick search for discounts and coupons that can help you save even more!

Don’t impulse buy. Just because that toy is cute and Kitty will love it doesn’t mean you have to buy it. Buy toys and other luxuries only when they are on sale at a deep clearance price, because in reality your cat doesn’t care about the cost.

Look for quality before quantity. Check the feeding instructions on higher quality pet foods. You’ll often find the higher priced foods recommend feeding half as much because the food is more satisfying to your pet. That pricy food might be cheaper in the long run, and your pet will be healthier because their diet is better.

Do it yourself. It’s not that hard or complicated to make your own pet food, and the same goes for treats. Consider cooking your dog or cat’s food once a month and freezing it in three-to-five day portions that will keep in your fridge.

Trim them up. Consider trimming your dog’s toenails yourself. The same goes for grooming: if you bathe your pup yourself in between cuts you’ll save a bundle at the pet salon!

Remember, it’s never a good idea to skip your pet’s checkup, vaccines, or pest control altogether. Save money where you can, and enjoy living with your furbaby!


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