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How to Shop for the Best Collar

When it comes to getting the best collar and leash combo for your dog or puppy, you certainly have some needs and ideas in mind. But going through a store or looking online can leave you stressing. You’ve got sizes, materials, decorations, and brands to consider, along with how comfortable it will be for your dog.

Thankfully, clearing the clutter can be done, and there are a few things you can focus on to make the process of picking a collar easier. First, and the most important, is safety. Making sure that your dog’s neck isn’t choked by your collar is the most important thing to consider.

Collars for Puppies

If you are getting a collar for a puppy, the first thing to realize is that they grow a lot. Soon the little bundle of fur will become a rambunctious puppy that will eat and grow like nothing else you’ve seen before. So, the collar needs to be able to grow too. You always need to be able to get two fingers underneath the collar, just like with the waistband of your pants.

Some collars do come with adjustable settings that allow you to make it bigger as the puppy grows. The size of the collar is often important, so try to look for a collar that’s designed for a certain breed of dog. For example, Greyhound Dog Collars are designed to compensate for the dog’s small head, so they can’t slip out.

Shopping for Harnesses

Speaking of greyhounds and their larger cousins, a harness might be more effective than a collar. If the dog is a puller, then a harness can help you control your dog and steer it more effectively, while also minimizing the risk of the dog choking on the collar. You can get either a back-leash harness or a front leash one, and both have their pros and cons. But if you have a larger dog, or just want to have more control when going out for a walk, then a harness can be very helpful.

A Safe Collar for New Walkers

For dogs that haven’t mastered walking without pulling yet, you’ll need to shop for a martingale collar. This collar is made of two loops, with the larger loop going around the dog’s neck and the smaller one where the leash is attached.

If the dog starts to pull, the larger loop tightens to keep the dog still, while also giving space to prevent the dog from choking. Unlike other leashes, when you pull, you won’t be at risk of choking your dog. Which can be good for first-time walkers as well as new dogs who are breaking in the leash.

Remember Identification

Just remember, no matter what collar you shop for, its main purpose is to provide identification of the dog and its owner. So always make sure there’s room for your visible address and contact info to keep your dog safe and sound.

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