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Putting The Pets To Sleep Is Among The Toughest Life Decisions

When we adopt cats or dogs into our families, we forget that their life span is much shorter than ours and one day we will have to bid the heaviest goodbyes of our lives. Unfortunately, it’s something that all pet parents have to deal with at some point. If you’ve reached that point, considering euthanasia is among the toughest choice you will have to make as unlike humans, pets rarely die an easy natural death.

Many people choose this choice to keep the suffering of their dogs a minimum during the last days of their lives. Euthanasia for pets can be done in a veterinary facility or at home. The greatest setting for giving euthanasia should be decided based on the comfort of your pet.

This is especially important for cats as they refuse to have contact with outsiders when they are in mental and physical agony. Sometimes even a car could be used to deliver euthanasia as many pets enjoy their rides with their owners. Some owners also choose parks where they take their pets for their regular walks and playtimes.

Although euthanasia outside the veterinary clinics is quite expensive, according to experts at Zen Dog Veterinary Clinic, it is best for the pets as they will be more relaxed and receptive in their comfort zone. You can visit to plan a consultation with their veterinary experts if you want home euthanasia services in NYC, Queens, Westchester, or Brooklyn.

Expenses involved in the Euthanasia procedure

While many pet owners can afford the expenses of euthanasia procedures even the mobile euthanasia care, it is best if they can deal with the formalities and even know the cost breakup in advance as this will prevent them from facing unnecessary stress during their grieving period.

The entire process takes about half an hour to 60 minutes and the cost will include the following:

  • Veterinary fees and fees of other nursing staff that accompany them.
  • Driving and home euthanasia charges will be extra.
  • Charges related to burial procedures are based on the method decided by you in advance.
  • Cremation charges with ashes being returned is another added cost to the entire procedure if chosen.


State laws govern pet euthanasia services. It should be performed by a licensed veterinarian or technician only. Vets must specialize in hospice care to be able to provide home euthanasia services.

Apart from usual enquiry, “how much does at home euthanasia cost?” there is one more dreaded dilemma. The question is regarding the presence of children during euthanasia.

When it comes to deciding on euthanasia for pets, children ought to be told the truth. When children understand the cause behind the death of their most beloved friend, it can make the grieving process easier for them. Let them be present during the final moments to cheer the pet and provide them with warmth and love while parting. Most children require and desire to say their goodbyes. Even small children can be there and the entire family can lament and cry together.

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