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Kung Fu, in general, refers to the Chinese martial art, and to any learning, study, or practice that requires a great deal of energy, patience, and time to complete. Kung Fu movies are a branch of action movies that include (as it is obviously implied) a great deal of Kung Fu fighting. As for practically any other movie branch, Kung Fu also blends with other genres, but whenever someone mentions Kung Fu films, the first thing that pops into anybody’s head is surely the name Bruce Lee. His movies were a great success, and left a big stamp on this particular genre; his martial art skills are without the doubt the very thing that put this young man on the top of Kung Fu movie actors, and up until this day we still enjoy the kung fu movies such as Enter the Dragon, Fist of Fury, Way of the Dragon, The Big Boss, and Game of Death.

But Bruce Lee is not the only legend in the martial art world. Who can possibly overlook the great Jet Li and films like Fearless, Hero, Kiss of the Dragon, and Romeo Must Die. Then there is the American actor David Carradine with nothing but great movies, such as Kung Fu: The Movie, and True Legend. And of course, who can forget about Jacki Chan, the loveable actor, producer, film director, stuntman, and martial artist. His movies range from mysterious drama movies way into intense action films with a proper deal of humor. The movie Rush Hour, where he plays along the side of witty Chris Tucker, is still a well-liked comedy-action film, and so are his other movies; Who Am I?, The Tuxedo, Rumble in the Bronx, Drunken Master, The Karate Kid, and The Forbidden Kingdome, where he plays alongside the previously mentioned Jet Li.

Kung Fu branch also got a lot of attention in the animated movie section with the delightful Kung Fu Panda and both follow-ups, and with the short animation Secrets of the Furious Five. This is a branch that even reached into the horror genre, and did not disappoint with jewels like Mr. Vampire, We’re Going to Eat You, Rigor Mortis, and Vampire vs. Vampire, which is nicely blended with a touch of comedy.

Yes, Kung Fu movies can be extremely intense, a load of fun, and/or a little bit terrifying. If you are in the mood for some martial arts films, find your pick at the free-to-watch website, Watch Free Kung Fu Movies | Find Free Full Kung Fu Movies Online.

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