Common Health Issue In Pets And The Ultimate Solution

We love our pets and desire to keep them in the best health, but because pets can’t talk to us and let us know where they are throbbing, it is significant that we acquaint the symptoms of the most common health issue in pets. In this post, I will not just discuss the symptoms of the disease but also recommend a solution to get rid of it.

Fleas, Heartworm And Other Parasites:

Heartworm: Symptoms can take in constant coughing, tiredness and panting. Other cases can reason weight loss, heart failure and coughing up blood. It is spread by mosquitoes and is a little thread-like worm which really lives in the pulmonary arterial system, and which can also affect your pet’s heart. The dog will usually show no sign of illness for 6-7 months after being contaminated. Fortunately, heartworm can be stopped by a lot of diverse products including everyday tablets; liquid spot-on things applied monthly to your pet’s skin, monthly beefy hunks which are presented orally to the pet or even a yearly injection from the veterinarian.

Ticks And Fleas: Symptoms are usually severe scraping, which can direct to anemia and dermatitis, plus ticks can reason bacterial diseases. Fortunately, both ticks and fleas are simple to see and reasonably simple to control through tick and flea collars, you can also use commercial products in conjunction with the heartworm products outlined above, plus squirting the area where they live.

Other Parasites, like hookworms, can reason anemia, skin rashes and diarrhea which might be streaked with roundworms and blood which can cause a pot belly in the pet.

The Solution For Fleas And Ticks:

With its ground-breaking delivery system, the Seresto eight-month tick and flea lapel for large puppies and dogs presents a breakthrough in flea and tick control for your much-loved pet. This vet-suggested treatment is particularly formulated to fend off and kill ticks and fleas on contact with no aching biting necessary. Inside the exceptional polymer matrix of this simple-to-utilize, odorless, non-greasy lapel are two active elements: Imidacloprid to prevent flea infestations, and Flumethrin to fend off and kill larvae, ticks, and nymphs. Such elements work together to present double-action protection against scrounging pests for up to 8 months!

Key Advantages:

Now let’s get into a few of the key benefits of Seresto tick and flea collar:

  • Vet-suggested prevention treatment kills ticks and fleas on puppies and dogs seven weeks and older weighing over eighteen lbs.
  • Begins to fend off and kill fleas within twenty-four hours of first application and re-infesting fleas within 2 hours; it works on contact with no throbbing biting necessary.
  • Also, fend offs and kills ticks within forty-eight hours of first application and re-infesting ticks within 6 hours; it works great on contact with no sore biting necessary.
  • Waterproof formula carries on working for up to 8 months, even after sun exposure, swimming, and bathing.
  • Simple-to-utilize, 27.5-inch amendable lapel is non-greasy and odorless; rapid-release feature and visibility reflectors offer additional safety.



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