How to keep your dog healthy and active  

As a loving dog owner, you obviously want your dog to stay as healthy and active as possible. For as long as possible. And there are many ways that you can improve your dog’s help. Without certain foods and daily excersises you can help your dog become it’s best self. And obviously you don’t have to do that alone. Pet stores, like Vetsend, would love to help you with the nutrition and condition of your dog. And the vet, is always ready to advice and help with problems. By offering the best products and best quality, you’ll always have the necessary things in your home to support your dog’s journey to the best health. But where to start? Below we’ve listed three of the easiest ways to improve your dog’s health.

Dog food and treats

One of the most important things when it comes to the health of your dog, is the food it eats. There are a lot of different dog foods available, and so it can be difficult to find the best ingrediënts for your dog. First of all, it’s always important to take a look at what the food offers. Some dog treats are filled with extra nutricious ingrediënts, like vitamins or minerals. These can help support the brain, the functioning of the joins and better teeth. It’s also important to note if your dog has any dietary restrictions. For extra help, never hesitate to ask for advice from the employees of the pet store. Of visit your local vet.

Dog toys

Yes, toys are extremely important to a dog’s health. Just like us humans, dog’s need time to unwind and play. And besides the fun, toys also offer certain other benefits. For example, it can help them ease negative feelings. When dogs get anxious, they have a tendency to set their teeth into something. To avoid that that something is going to be your couch, it’s good to have a few chewing toys available. Also, toys give your dog the oppertunity for physical excercise when you don’t have the time.

Going on a walk

And maybe the most important thing to keep your dog active and healthy: excercise. Going on long walks is incredibly important and will keep your dog fit and happy. It provides mental stimulation, chances to socialise with other dogs and the oppertunity for additional behavioural training. Walking for thirty minutes a day can stimulate your dog’s mind and body. And, besides the benefits for the dog, a good walk obviously also has many benefits for you too.

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