6 facts you should know about grooming your dog

Even though most dog breeds share the same grooming steps and procedures, there are some facts you need to know about specific grooming requirements for different types of dogs. For instance, the brushing techniques for short-hair dogs may be different from long-hair dogs and so are the medium-hair dogs. The more information you have about the different grooming techniques for dogs, the better and more efficient you become in making your dog healthier and more adorable. The following grooming facts are very important;

Brushing Requirements is Different for Different Types of Dogs

If you want your dog to look very clean and fine always, you can’t avoid brushing. You need to keep the coat of the dog sleek and clean by brushing it regularly. Brushing will prevent the buildup of dirt in the coat and also reduce incidences of shedding.

Make sure you use the right brush type depending on the length of the hair of the dog, to make brushing very comfortable. Long-haired dog, for example, must be brushed daily to untangle locked hair and make them luscious. Medium length hair dogs must be brushed weekly to prevent matting while short-haired dogs can be brushed every few weeks to keep them well-groomed and healthy.

Plaque Buildup in Teeth Occur 48 Hours After Eating, Hence You Need to Brush the Dog’s Teeth

Many dog owners often ignore simple grooming steps such as brushing the teeth of the dog. Plague can build up rapidly in the dog’s dental setup and that could lead to bleeding and tooth decay. Long-term neglect of toothbrushing can lead to bigger health problems such as kidney and heart failure. You can brush the teeth easily by tying a clean soft fabric in your hand and then wipe the teeth clean with clean water. Massage the gum cleaning the teeth or make use of recommended dog toothbrush and paste. Brushing the dog’s teeth 2-3 times a week should be enough to keep the teeth and gum healthy.

Dog Skin Can be Very Sensitive to Shampoo

Bathing is another grooming step you must not ignore, to keep your dog clean especially when the animal spends lots of time outdoors.  For indoor breeds bathing them once a month may be enough, but the hairier dogs will require at least once a month bathing to keep them clean.

It is important to choose the right Dog Shampoo for your dog. You can check the pet store to get the right shampoo based on fur type. Never use human shampoo for dogs because their skin is more sensitive to some chemicals, and they may suffer from burns and scars. Make sure you choose Dog Shampoo that can combat dryness and at the same time lethal against bugs such as mites and fleas. Avoid contact between your dog eyes and the shampoo when bathing the animal.

Nail Trimming is a Must!

Aside from the health perspective, nail trimming is very necessary, especially for younger puppies to prevent them from scratching surfaces of furniture, and clothing.

In the beginning, nail trimming can provoke the dog, but they eventually get used to such. Some dog owners may even be nervous to apply a pet clipper in the beginning but eventually, get used to such. Dog nails normally contain nerves and blood vessels that are close to the paw and very sensitive, but they can carry germs and dirt that can be transferred on humans. If you find it difficult to clip the nails of your dog, then you may want to file the nails down.

Matted Coat is the Most Harmful Coats on Dogs

Matted coats can be very painful for the dog especially when they harbor bacteria and fleas that can rapidly grow and multiply. The matted coat is particularly uncomfortable for dogs because it pulls off on their skin and can easily lead to hot spots and irritated skin and eventually, the dog will become infected.

If you have a severely matted puppy, you will have to shave it short, underneath the matting, but do not bath the dog because it can make the matte even thicker. Do not make an attempt to cut out matt out of the dog, remove it gently and slowly or simply cut underneath the matt for comfort.

Shaving Double-Coated Dogs is Dangerous and Must not be Encouraged

For many reasons, shaving double-coated and fur-bearing dogs is not recommended. Regular brushing is recommended for double-coated dogs because the double coat regulates hot and cold temperatures making the dogs comfortable at all seasons. Shaving your double-coat dog can lead to a condition known as “Alopecia”- a condition where hair grows back unevenly on the skin of the dog. Shaving a double-coat dog may also cause the undercoat to grow back much thicker, thus making thermal regulation more difficult. When shaving causes a thicker undercoat to grow thicker, it can lead to more shedding and that could lead to more frequent matted skin. Shaving a double-coated dog may expose the animal to frequent sunburn, heat strokes and more frequent bites from fleas, mosquitoes, and ticks.


Very few people can manage double-coated dogs when it comes to grooming, for this reason, you should stick to the single-coated dog breeds because they are a lot easier to groom and maintain. Similarly, short-hair dogs tend to require less frequent grooming, when compared to long-hair dogs. when it comes to diet, most dogs will require similar dietary needs, but the needs will change based on the age, weight, and medical status of the dog. It is better to stick to the food recommended from the pet store and if you have to feed them any homemade meals, you have to seek recommendations and advice from a veterinary doctor.

Physical examination is also a critical aspect of dog grooming. You need to pay careful attention especially to the vital sensory organs such as the eyes, ears, and nose and report any form of discharge and discoloration to the veterinary doctor for further diagnosis and treatment.

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