The 5 Secrets To Keeping Your Cat Happy Indoors

You may be wondering how pleased your cats are with their indoor spread of entertainment. Most indoor cats enjoy watching the outdoors like we enjoy watching TV. They may not want to actually be outdoors, but it’s definitely worth watching. Cats that used to live outside may still crave some of that adventure. This can usually be overcome though with time. Whether you’re adopting a new cat or wonder about your current cats, try these 5 secrets to keeping your cat happy indoors from The Refined Feline.

Secret #1: Bring The Outdoors Inside

Cats enjoy some activities that are solely outdoor activities, but there are a few that you can bring inside to them! Having cat grass and catnip in your home is one surefire way to bring some of the outdoors in. Some stores may sell only the seeds, which you will need to plant. However, most stores will have a small seedling already growing in a short term container. Follow the directions on the package on how much to water it and transplant it to a bigger pot when needed. With catnip, you can buy seeds or a seedling just like cat grass. Wait for it to grow, pick the flowers and stems and allow to dry, then give them to your kitty. If you have a backyard or garden, plant the catnip outdoors so your cat won’t devour it all! If you are considering getting any other houseplants, ensure they’re safe for your cat. There are a number of common house plants that are toxic to felines. 

Secret #2: Play, Play, Play!

Cats need plenty of exercise and playtime each day to keep them happy. This can also help deter them from wanting to go outdoors by fulfilling their desire to hunt. Most cats will need at least an hour if not more of playtime per day to stay active and healthy. Ideally, this time would be spread out throughout the day. Cat’s energy comes in spurts, so they won’t typically play for too long at once. This amount may seem surprising, seeing as how long they sleep during the day but kittens require even more playtime. So, if kittens have littermates, it’s helpful to keep them together as long as possible so that they can get their energy out with each other.

It’s ideal to have various kinds of toys available, depending on how your cat likes to play. Cats need to fulfill their huntings instincts each day to feel satisfied. Playing with wand toys can help to release their energy in a positive way. Most cats will play with anything but often pick a favorite toy. A simple paper bag, box, ping pong ball, and more household items can be a toy to them. Using battery operated toys however will keep them occupied longer and help with their prey drive as well. You’ll want to put away toys though that cats can get tangled in, such as wand toys and anything with strings. 

Secret #3: Upgrade The Birdwatching

There are varying opinions on this next secret, but watching the birds can be highly enjoyable for your cat. Depending on your home’s setup, you can buy bird baths to draw more birds for your cat’s viewing pleasure. Hummingbird feeders and a plethora of other feeding and watering stations will cause birds to flock to your home. Your cat will have the best seat in the house for bird watching. Some people feel like this is teasing your cat, as they won’t ever be able to hunt the actual birds. That is one way of looking at it, but letting your cats simply watch the birds will keep them entertained. Cats are going to watch the wildlife outside anyway. So, we might as well make it more interesting for them. Throwing a toy around or using their wand after they watch the birds will make them feel like they caught their prey. Giving them a few treats when they’ve “caught” the toy will make them feel as if they’ve been successful hunters. This will help them convert that extra energy towards something positive, leaving them less riled up after birdwatching.  

Secret #4: Your Cats Need A Space of Their Own

Offering your cat some vertical space of their own isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. They need adequate spaces to climb, play, or just lounge and watch the world outside. It’s important that cats have their own areas to play in as well as spaces to relax. Cats crave vertical space, and you can easily provide this with a cat tree or shelf. There are many different types of cat condos and wall shelves available for your kitty and your home. The Refined Feline’s modern and chic cat trees blend seamlessly into any home. Not only that, but they will also please your cat’s sense of adventure.   

Secret #5: Give Your Kitty A Taste of The Outdoors

Cat still craving the great outdoors? You can take matters into your own hands for a safe outdoor time. If your cat is very confident, supervised walks in a harness can be a good option. Find the right size harness for your cat though as some are easy to escape from if they’re too big. Allow your cat time to get used to the harness indoors before taking them out for the first time. Keep them close to home with limited activities and noises if you can. They may not enjoy the experience if there’s too much going on around them. In time, they may choose to explore more or may simply stay put in the area they like. If your cat gets everything they want five feet from your front door, chances are they won’t push the exploration. Don’t try to force more walking on them though as walking a cat is not the same as walking a dog. If your cat didn’t enjoy the harness experience, there are pet strollers available as well. Strollers usually have a zippered enclosure for your cat to sit safely inside while you stroll them along the block. Most cats tend to enjoy the stroller more, as they can observe while feeling protected. 

If your cat craves the outdoors no matter what, you can keep your cat happy indoors by making their indoor space more appealing as well as offering them a safe taste of the outdoors. Making your home their home will keep them happy and healthy for years to come! 

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